Doggie Myths

Common Doggie Myths:

Dogs would rather be outside and not inside:
Wrong, we are pack animals and we like to be with our pack (you) even if we live in the country.

Dogs do bad things when they are mad at people:
Wrong, you humans have to know that objectionable behavior is in your eyes only. It is normal for us to dig, bark, and chase after other dogs and animals. I can tell you about some really good squirrel chases.

We know when we have been bad and we always look "guilty" afterward:
Not really, we pick up on your body language and the sound of your voice. When you come in and see the results of a wonderful afternoon of playing for us, maybe a mess on the floor or something, you get mad and start yelling. We see you as our leader, we know you are mad or upset and the only thing we can do is to try and make you happy. We offer submissive behavior by crouching, crawling, rolling over on our backs, and/or avoiding eye contact. You think we know we are guilty of something, but we really don’t have any idea what is wrong. We simply hope you will return to a better mood. See my Doggie Training page for ways of properly showing how to be our leader.

Dogs don't like being put in a crate:
Not true, we dogs are den animals, so if we are properly introduced to a crate (see Puppy Training page) we love it, and we will often go into our crates on our own to sleep. Leeloo and I spend a lot of our time in our crates when Mom and Dad are not home.

Need to show us who is Boss:
Not really, you need to show us that YOU are our leader. Remember, hitting any dog or animal is as wrong as hitting a human child. It will not help you with disciplining your dog, neither does yelling. Show your dog that you are in charge by being its leader. Show him/her what to do, and how to behave. Most of us dogs are waiting for you to take the lead. There are actually only a few dog breeds who will actively challenge you for the "top dog" position. Most of us dogs take the "top dog" position because our owners have made no effort to do so, and we think it is our job to do so. Not only that, but the owners don't recognize what is happening -- until we start correcting our humans for their misbehavior! We may do this by being aggressive, this may include, growling, barking, or worse biting.  

I hope I have helped you understand where we (dogs) are coming from, and I hope that you will consider this next time you don’t understand us.

A close up photo of Leeloo in the yard