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Ivy Ohana

My name is Ivy, you may already know this, but what you may not know is I started as Tinkerbell. A little bit of my story, I am a rescue puppy and I am a mix of Border collie, Australian shepherd, with maybe a little bit of Labrador as well. I don't remember much of my early days. I do remember someone dropping me off at this lady's house along with another puppy. This new lady was very nice and had lots of other dogs and puppies for me to play with. I remember going to this very strange place one day with some of the other puppies and dogs I was living with. This place was huge, and there were lots of other dogs and puppies and strange smells, I really was not sure if I liked this place or not. I remember being picked up, and held a lot, and getting lots of attention. This one couple came over to me, picked me up, and held me for a while. They put me back in my kennel, and stepped away for a few minutes and talked. After they talked the man left and the women came over and picked me up once more and held me for a long time, it was really nice. The man came back and the women handed me over to him. He held me for a while as the woman went running around the strange place gathering all kinds of stuff. After she was done they talked to the lady I was living with. They talked for a very long time, I didn't know it at the time, but the lady I was living with was making sure they could be my forever family. She did this to make sure I was going to a good home. This new couple passed all of the requirements with flying colors, and became my forever Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad took me to their car and we drove home. I got to meet my new sister, Leeloo. At first we were unsure of each other but we soon become good friends, although like any other sister she can be a pain at times. My new Mom and Dad didn't like the name, Tinkerbell, so they renamed me Ivy Ohana. They called me Ivy because the first thing I "investigated" when I got to my new home was the ivy vine growing on the side of a tree in the back yard. My last name Ohana, means family in native Hawaiian, which I think fits very well. In the few years that I have been in my forever home I have had lots of fun, learned a great deal and I am loved very much.

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Leeloo Dallas

My sister Leeloo is much older than I. She has been with Mom and Dad for a long time. Leeloo and I like to run around the backyard together. We love chasing squirrels and rabbits together. She can be a bit cranky with me at times but I think deep down she likes me. She has told me all about her two other sisters, Kayce and Jesse. They passed away before I was even born. I can tell that all of them still miss Kayce and Jesse very much.











Mom (aka: Robin)

What can I say about my Mom? She is a very kind person and loves me very much. She takes me to all kinds of new and different places. We like to go on outings where I get to learn new things. She is my trainer. I love doing agility training with her. She likes to push me to do things that I think I can't, but when I do them, she rewards me and tells me I'm a good girl. It makes me feel very good. She helped me get my Canine Good Citizen certificate. We have done a number of other classes and accomplished so much. She says we still have lots of work to do, but I know we'll do it together and it will be a blast. She has helped me be a better dog.








Dad (aka: Joe)

Let me tell you the best part about my Dad, the play time. Dad is the one I like to play with. He also loves me a great deal as well, but we have so much fun playing tug-of-war and catch. We also wrestle a little bit, but we never get too serious. He makes me stop if I start getting too full of myself. I also like bugging him when he is trying to nap on the couch. He takes it all in good stride. Sometimes on Saturdays when Mom is helping others with dog training, Dad, Leeloo, and I all nap in the living room.





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A black and white photo of Dad, aka Joe