Doggie Play: Let's Play

Walking? How Long?

Walking, is it play? Well not really but it is good exercise for your dog, and so is play time. Dogs, if they have no other means of exercise, should be walked at least once a day. How far that walk is, well there is no right answer to that question, but a good rule of thumb is the shorter the dogs legs, the shorter the walks. Also consider the walking environment. Hot weather can make dogs overheat, and we overheat much faster than humans. As our only means of cooling our bodies is by panting this means we can't cool off as fast. Also hot pavement can be painful on our paws. Also think about your heath and your dog's health. If the two of you don't get much exercise, start out slowly and work your way into longer walks.

Play Time

How much? There are a number of opinions as to how much play time is needed daily for dogs. As a general rule you humans should play with your dog every day. Play can be a game of fetch, roughhousing, or just rolling a ball across the floor for your dog to chase. The important thing is that we get some exercise and bond with you, remember we are pack animals and when you adopt us you become our pack.

You should always be careful when playing, if we look tired and are panting hard, or if we injure ourselves you should stop. If the injury is not better the next day, please call the vet. It may be a serious injury.

A photo of Ivy and leeloo running in the yard, Ivy is ahead.